TORKS Membership How to join "The Ohio Radio Kontrol Society, Inc" (TORKS)

TORKS is a chapter of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). As such we strive towards their purposes which are the promotion of the model airplane hobby, supporting education, recognizing individuals, and participating in competitive events. We invite anyone who supports these purposes to join us.

1) Ask a current TORKS member to serve as your sponsor.
If you do not already know a TORKS member, visit the field to meet some.
2) Join, or make sure your membership is current with the AMA.
3) Download and print out the application form.
4) Bring the completed application form to a Club meeting
The dates and locations of Club meetings may be found on the TORKS Calendar
5) After the membership has voted, pay your dues and fees to the Club treasurer.
See the schedule of membership categories, dues, and fees on the application form.
6) Contact the Orientation Chairman to arrange flight training or approval to solo.

Click here! to get a TORKS application which you can print and bring to a Club Meeting.

Click here! to contact AMA for an application. Go to "AMA Documents" and download form # 902.

Click here! to review the Flight Instruction Guide.

Click here! to review the Club and Field Rules.